Damn you. I'm going to have "Party all the time" stuck on the inner turntable for days.

Thanks for that Chris, good story and yeh, doesn't seem that long ago. I was in my early 20s, driving around in my Mum's Mazda in Melbourne, listening to 3RRR, the local alternative radio station. I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit", stopped at the lights at the corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition St. Not being a commercial station the DJ could just go, "Oh hell, I'm just going to play Smells like Teen Spirit again."

There is, however, one piece of trivia that was instrumental in the album (and grunge's) success…

"I just don't think Lynch's Dune can be objectively defended as a good film."

I agree with you and accept that my love for it is entirely subjective. As a child, I was lucky enough to have two older brothers with whom I routinely hitched a ride to a lot of scifi. I saw 2001 when I was seven. Mindblowing and objectively good. So, I saw Dune well before I knew what a screenplay was or who Frank Herbert was. It clearly left some impression. I almost watch it like a music video now. I know all the words and sing along.

…and why this might be a problem for you.

Red Ziggly Wigglies by the author

1. Narcossist.
Problem: You’re on drugs.

2. Nazicyst.
Problem: You really shouldn’t have tattooed a swastika onto to your genitals and a cyst is beginning to form.

3. Nasticris.
Problem: A Freudian slip. Your colleague Chris is going to be very upset when he discovers that you think he’s nasty.

4. Mars/exist.
Problem: You’re not strictly a narcissist, but you do think you’re Galileo Galilei.

5. Markatsix.
Problem: You’ve got a date with Mark at Six. …

Perhaps Eric Clapton is an emotionally fragile guy and he's given the world the best (his music) and the worst (his opinions) of what that means. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?

Red, white and blue, by the author.

There are two Americas. The America that is and the America that exists in the imagination of some Americans — Fantasy America.

I have two recording of the Weavers song “Lonesome Traveller”. Each recording tells the tale of these two different Americas.

“Lonesome Traveller” was written by Lee Hays who sang bass with the Weavers. “Lonesome Traveller” is a song that could equally belong in the songbook of Bob Dylan or the Stanley Brothers. Almost a secular version of “I am a Pilgrim”, not that it would sound out of place in a church back then, either. Today? Not so…

Power Station Future by the author.

The love of money is the root of all evil. The current capitalist catastrophe the world finds itself in seems to bare this out. Perhaps we need a new sort of money that is less loveable? Or more deserving of love?

Recently, I read this article by Jared Brock where suggested the idea of the joule as a unit of money. That made perfect sense. Gold with utility was how I thought about it. This was an idea worthy of further consideration and thus, today begins my journey into the future of money.

For those not familiar with the joule…

"Conflating discrimination against whites with racism against people of color is like conflating going on a diet with dying of starvation."

Genius. If however, you don't know what a genius is, please don't Google it because you might get the impression it's an American digital media company.

All the best poems are slightly sad. And why would you invest in crypto anyway? Reading your articles is so much more interesting.

Robert Gowty

Idiot Saveloy from Tasmania.

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