The NO Vote for The Voice Will Be Australia’s Brexit.

With just under a month to go, things aren’t looking good.

Robert Gowty


By the author.

A quick primer for my international friends. On the 14th October, 2023, Australia will be holding a referendum about a change to the Australia Constitution that will give Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, the first inhabitants of Australia, a voice to the Australian Parliament.

That, in a nutshell, is it.

It doesn’t give First Nation people any powers, simply an opportunity to express their views.

After centuries of violence, abuse, marginalisation, exploitation and vilification, it is one very small step on the path to giving our fellow human beings a modicum of respect which has sorely been lacking since the First Fleet arrived.

It feels like such a no brainer. The initial polls suggested that most Australians agreed.

Enter Dutton, The Destroyer

A sad byproduct of our corporately homogenised, socially polarised political landscape it that any social issue the Labor Party puts forward will be opposed by the Liberal-National Party (LNP) for no reason other than the political expendiency of seeing their rivals fail. More often than not, there is no more than a contrived and spurious principle at play.

Peter Dutton, as Leader of the Opposition, perceives the Voice as nothing more than an opportunity for some trivial point scoring.

Unfortunately, I feel he will come to understand the issue as less trivial than originally thought.

We’ll get back to Peter shortly.

OK, Boomers. Again.

The polls make it fairly clear where the demographics sit. The middle, Gen-Xers like myself, are marginally in favour. The younger generation is firmly for and the older generation solidly against.

Unfortunately, the casual racism I witness mostly emerges from this demographic. In fact, in recent years it has been on the increase, mostly thanks to the likes of Murdoch’s Sky News.

Once again, certain Boomers are reprising their role as the bastions of “This All Belongs to Us” and…



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